In September 2023, baby Brayan Antonio was welcomed into One More Child’s sponsorship program. During a visit from a missionary team that month, Brayan and his mother heard the Gospel and received prayer, but the team was concerned by the severe signs of malnutrition they observed. 

Our ministry partner acted swiftly, arranging for Bryan and his mother to be escorted to the hospital for evaluation. Following his assessment, Bryan was referred to a malnutrition center.  

Malnutrition in Guatemala

Guatemala, known for its diverse cultural tapestry, struggles with significant challenges common to poverty, particularly in areas such as food security, nutrition, health, and education.  

According to UNICEP, in early 2023 chronic malnutrition affected 46.5% of children under five in Guatemala with only half of Guatemalan children from zero to five years old predicted to meet expected development outcomes. 

Ranked among the top ten countries worldwide most susceptible to disasters and climate-related crises, Guatemala has also endured prolonged dry seasons in recent years. These conditions have severely impacted subsistence farmers in drier areas reliant on rain to sustain their agriculture. 

Also, communities afflicted by malnutrition often face reduced productivity, hindered economic development, and a persistent cycle of poverty that can perpetuate for generations. 

One More Reached

To support Bryan and his mother during his treatment, One More Child provided essential supplies such as diapers, clothing, and personal hygiene products. After five months of nutritional recovery, Bryan was discharged from the malnutrition center, and our hearts are filled with joy to see that finally he began to walk! 

Please pray that Bryan will continue to grow and be healthy and that the light of Jesus will continue to shine in Guatemala through the ministry of One More Child.  

We need your help to make a difference in the lives of Guatemalan children like Brayan. Learn more about reaching one more in Guatemala today. 

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