Speranta is a young girl from Romania whose steadfast belief in the power of prayer and God’s ability to perform miracles left a lasting impact on those around her.  

Speranta and her brother, Spartacus, participate in the after-school program run by our ministry partners in Romania. An extremely poor family, Speranta’s father is only able to work here and there to put food on the table. Cardboard covers the windows instead of glass, the floors are made of clay, there is no door, and the family of five shares one room. Despite their living conditions and struggles to survive, the siblings go to school every day, eager to study and learn.

At one point, the children’s behavior abruptly changed. Our ministry partners observed that they were more anxious, sad, and struggled to study. But no one knew what caused the sudden shift.  

One day, Speranta shared with one of our staff that her mother recently found out she has last stage cancer. She confided that she was afraid to lose her mom and she was deeply affected by the changes she observed in mom due to the illness.   

It was then that the Lord opened the door for Speranta to hear about Jesus, to know that the ministry partners would pray for her and her mom, and to learn how to pray herself, too. 

Two days later, while all the girls were gathered in the kitchen, I overheard them discussing Speranta’s mother’s illness. Though Speranta requested our earlier conversation remain private, she was sharing that her mother had been rushed to the hospital the previous night. The following morning, the family received the heartbreaking news that her mother had only three days to live. The atmosphere in the kitchen became somber and quiet. 

However, Speranta spoke up boldly, saying, “I know the doctor said three days, but God can give her more.” Her unwavering faith astonished the ministry staff. 

Another girl interrupted to suggest that the doctor knew better. But Speranta was steadfast, insisting God’s power surpasses that of any doctor. 

Inspired by Speranta’s faith, the ministry staff was able to engage all the girls in the kitchen in a conversation about the power of prayer and the opportunity for miracles. Before the discussion ended, Speranta asked that we pray together again, and so the group of girls joined in prayer right there in the kitchen, united in faith and hope.  

Three weeks later, Speranta’s mother was still alive, praise God. The ministry staff visited the family at home where they met the bold girl’s mother, who was home because the family could no longer afford the hospital. Our ministry partners are trying to find solutions to improve the family’s living conditions. 

Speranta’s faith and the miraculous journey of her family is an example of the profound impact not only of prayer but also child sponsorship. Through the support of generous sponsors and the dedication of our ministry partners, lives are being transformed, one prayer at a time.   

Will you join us in continuing to walk alongside vulnerable children and struggling families like Speranta’s who are praying for miracles? Together, we can sow seeds of hope that bring the light of Jesus Christ into dark circumstances, nurturing futures filled with promise. 


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