Maker’s Box™ offers a pathway for children to encounter God as their Creator, making it an innovative discipleship tool for ministries seeking to nurture young souls.

Imagine being a child with little to call your own, often lacking even basic necessities, and then receiving a gift box specially chosen just for you. You are filled with joy as you explore the joyfully colored materials and carefully packaged craft supplies. And though you do not fully grasp it yet, it is a gift beyond value: a chance to know God.

Here are five compelling reasons, laid out by fellow ministry workers, why you should consider using Maker’s Box™ as a ministry discipleship tool:

1. Impact Children of All Ages

makers box familyThe Maker’s Box™ series makes a powerful impact by providing children an engaging way to connect with God as their maker.

Dr. Keith Henry, Executive Director of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina:

“These boxes write the Word of God on the hearts of children for years to come. Over 80% of the children we serve have never heard the good news Christ has to offer. These lessons are super engaging and really awaken the child’s interest in who Jesus is.”

Cottage Parents at Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina:

“Wow! Even the older children/teens in our residential home were totally engaged!”

2. Engage Children with Diverse Backgrounds

makers box family devotionalBecause it addresses hurts children everywhere experience, Maker’s Box™ is a powerful discipleship tool with the potential to teach children about God, regardless of their geographic location or cultural background.

Danielle Pickard, Director of Church Relations with Help One Child in California:

“We love using the boxes in our summer camp for foster children! Using visual aids and crafts, the lessons are easily digestible and thoughtfully crafted. Our campers have never been more attentive and engaged.”

Dr. Jerry Haag, CEO of One More Child:

“This curriculum is like no other, offering a wonderful and unique way to engage children from diverse backgrounds. Whether a child has faced the traumas of being physically or socially orphaned or suffered from surrounding poverty, the Maker’s Box curriculum provides a hands-on learning experience specific to his or her pain and needs. I witnessed the power of this curriculum first-hand as we used the materials in Uganda to teach more than 4,400 children about Jesus Christ. Outstanding material in educating children!”

3. Emphasize Spiritual Growth

Maker’s Box is Bible curricula of exceptional substance and quality, ensuring children receive enriching and impactful content promoting a deeper understanding of who God is.

Dr. David Bruce, Executive Vice President, Billy Graham Archives & Research Center and Billy Graham Library:

“The tragic realization is that most of these forgotten children have no knowledge of God the Father and His love. Often their spiritual needs are left untouched. The urgent task of Maker’s Box is the development of material-transferable spiritual concepts that will introduce the abandoned and forgotten to Jesus Christ.”

Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans:

“Despite the growing focus by Christians on caring for orphaned children, there remains a tremendous need for quality resources that bring the truths of the Bible alive for vulnerable children and help them grow over time into mature disciples of Christ. I’m so grateful the Maker’s Box is taking on this challenge, seeking to do so in both a substantial and engaging way.”

4. Minister to Leadership

makers box ministry tool for childrenHow often does it happen when we minister to children we grow, gaining personal insight and wisdom? Those who have led Maker’s Box™ lessons report that their understanding of God increased with this ministry discipleship tool.

Foster Parents in North Carolina:

“I needed these lessons as much as the children!”

Erin Phillips Toole, Foster Parent from One More Child:

“I have never shed so many tears during a family devotion. The depth of the message for children who come from hard places is simply awesome.”

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5. Reach Entire Families

Maker’s Box™ creates a sense of inclusivity and togetherness, facilitating memorable shared experiences and allowing every household member to engage in this meaningful activity.

Texas Foster Families:

“All of the crafts were perfect! Whenever we had a difficult situation, we would refer back to the lesson for the week.”

“We loved the crafts and found them very easy to follow. They were easy enough for my little kids to get involved but fun enough to keep our big kids engaged. That’s a huge win for our family.”

“All my kids from three to 17 enjoy the crafts.”

“They have enjoyed all three boxes so far. They are excited to get it in the mail and are eager to get started on it ASAP… Great idea and concept. Keep it up!”

In a Maker’s Box™ survey:

  • 83% of families were very satisfied with the boxes.
  • 87% of families said the material met the needs of the children in their care.
  • 93% of families rated the boxes as high quality.
  • 76% of families saw a change in how their children viewed God.

Maker’s Box™ offers an engaging and meaningful way to introduce children to God’s character and His love for each of us. Whether you’re looking to enhance your church’s ministry, support foster families, or enrich a summer camp program, Maker’s Box™ is a versatile and powerful ministry discipleship tool that can impact the hearts and minds of young, vulnerable children.

Join One More Child to transform lives through the love of God by using Maker’s Box™ as a ministry tool to disciple those in your community today.


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