A Journey with One More Child

On February 1, 1904, a journey of compassion and care began as we opened our doors to serve vulnerable children under the name Florida Baptist Orphanage. With humble beginnings as an orphanage in Arcadia, Florida, serving a handful of children, One More Child has evolved into a legacy of hope and transformative impact spanning 120 years.

Florida Baptist Orphanage in Arcadia, Florida

Relocating to Lakeland: Expanding Horizons

As our vision expanded, so did our reach. Relocating to Lakeland marked a pivotal moment in our history. It allowed us to broaden our services and extend our impact to the local community. Our Lakeland campus became a hub of support for children enduring challenges.

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A Global Footprint

Our commitment to serving vulnerable children has taken us far beyond the borders of Florida. Today, One More Child operates in more than 60 locations across the United States and 19 countries worldwide.

one more child sign 2023

Diversifying Our Services

In celebrating 120 years of service, we celebrate our diverse range of programs designed to address the unique needs of the populations we serve. Through our trauma-informed model of care, we offer healing and hope not only to foster children but also to hungry children, trafficked children, single moms, and struggling families.

Foster children are placed in loving homes and supportive environments, which enable them to thrive despite their traumas. Hungry children across the nation and abroad are nourished through millions of meals served, ensuring no child within our reach will go to bed hungry. Single moms are empowered to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency, with most graduating from our program with enough money saved to purchase their own homes. Trafficked children are surrounded by advocates, clinicians, and peer mentors in support of their holistic recovery. Struggling families can access evidence-based interventions, parenting workshops, and comprehensive support services to create a safe, structured, and sustainable environment for children.

Looking Ahead with Gratitude

As we look ahead, we express gratitude to all who have been part of this incredible journey—our dedicated staff, generous supporters, compassionate volunteers, and the countless lives touched by our mission.

Become a part of our journey into the next century of hope. Contribute today to create a lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable children and struggling families. Your support can make a difference for one more child in need.


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