She started as a volunteer and turned into a single moms mentor.

One day, while visiting downtown Lakeland before moving to Florida, Lisa Werchsky had a divine encounter with a woman named Cassandra who worked at One More Child. Cassandra told Lisa about the organization’s mission to help vulnerable children and families, and Lisa was immediately intrigued.


A former foster parent and kind-hearted person, Lisa had always felt a calling to serve others. But at that time, she mostly felt daunted by moving a thousand miles from home and leaving her community. Lisa had been searching for a way to make the move meaningful and to live a more purposeful life, and One More Child seemed like the perfect opportunity.

“I decided that with this move, I wanted to take the opportunity to live a more kingdom-focused life,” Lisa shared. “I decided to try to tithe my time to the Lord, which meant giving away 16.8 hours each week being the hands and feet of Jesus, serving others and working to further His kingdom.”

Lisa felt a connection to Cassandra, certain God placed the One More Child staffer in downtown Lakeland at that moment to reach her, and as they parted ways, Lisa knew she had to find a way to get involved with the organization.


After moving to Lakeland, Lisa wasted no time in becoming an active volunteer at One More Child. She began by dedicating the 16.8 hours a week she committed to serving the community.

Lisa started volunteering at One More Child’s Azinger Family Compassion Center at the beginning of the Christmas season, greeting families and assisting them with their needs. She remembers feeling blessed to be a part of an organization that made Christmas better for people in the community and around the world. And that feeling did not end with Christmas.

“Every time I walk through the door of the Compassion Center, it is meaningful. That is what sets serving at [One More Child] apart from many other opportunities available. The people are absolutely amazing. You are always greeted with a smile. You feel welcomed and appreciated. The people on staff and the other volunteers have become dear friends. It is wonderful to serve in a place where it is not uncommon to hear people praying over each other or for others,” she said.

Early in her volunteering, Lisa also helped with One More Child holiday events including the Night of Lights Christmas drive-through experience and Photos with Santa in downtown Lakeland.


As Lisa became more involved with One More Child, she started to form close friendships with the staff and other volunteers. She appreciated the mission-driven atmosphere and the focus on putting others first. Lisa loved the feeling of being helpful and making a difference in people’s lives, even in small ways.

But Lisa’s heart to serve grew when she learned about a mom in One More Child’s Single Moms housing program who was struggling. This mother’s situation resonated with Lisa, who was deeply impacted by the single mothers she encountered during her time as a foster parent.

Lisa admits she had been feeling the Lord prompt her to “go deeper”– to actively reach those who needed to hear and see the genuine love of God. She knew she had to do something to help this single mom. Again, God used One More Child to provide the means for her to make an invaluable impact.

Lisa volunteered to become a mentor for One More Child’s Single Moms program.


“Being a mentor mom felt like a good fit,” Lisa shared. “One of the greatest blessings in my life has been the women of faith that have walked alongside me while raising my kids. God created us to be in community with each other. To help, encourage, and support each other not only in life, but in our faith…If I can walk along another mother, encourage, and support her through the ups and downs, and help nurture her faith and love for Jesus, perhaps generations can be impacted.”

During their time together, Lisa offered the single mom emotional support and guidance and was available whenever she needed someone to talk to. Lisa looks forward to continuing to work with One More Child’s Single Moms program as a mentor.

In addition to the Compassion Center and Single Moms program, Lisa also began sponsoring five children through One More Child’s Child Sponsorship program and plans to attend a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with other One More Child Global volunteers in October 2023. Lisa is excited about attending more trips in the future, and her dedication to helping others only continues to grow.

Lisa’s experience volunteering with One More Child gives her a sense of purpose and fulfillment she had never known before. Her work is making a difference in others’ lives. Lisa’s story is a witness to the power of volunteerism, and the impact it can have on both the volunteer and the people they serve.

“I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve with this type of organization in my hometown. God is good!”


We are offering you the opportunity to serve vulnerable children and struggling families. Your dedication and compassion can play a part in serving God’s Kingdom. Join One More Child serving every child in every city by volunteering today!



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