A Place to Begin

For many Christians, compassion is a fundamental value that leads us to deeply desire to help those in need. But knowing how to help vulnerable individuals can feel daunting.

Compassion Centers offer a straightforward solution to this question and can be a first step in serving, providing practical ways to help those in need.

There are so many organizations we could get involved with and so many populations that would benefit from the service – and each has its own set of complexities and challenges to navigate. The sheer number of opportunities and volume of pressing needs can often lead Christians to spend more time asking, “How can I turn my compassion into meaningful action?” rather than actively engaging in service.

Read on to learn more.

Turning Compassion into Action

compassion center volunteerA Compassion Center is a hub where volunteers, businesses, and individual donors collaborate to make a life-changing impact through tangible support. Compassion Center clients can include foster children, hungry children, trafficked children, single mothers, and struggling families. Clients can access vital resources, local businesses can donate surplus products, and donors can see the effects of their contributions.

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Because Compassion Centers serve as a hub or connection point, each one is made up of several components to meet the varied needs of the clients it serves. These components include:


Compassion Centers offer various spaces, including a warehouse, legacy room, training/education room, family market, and boutique. Take a tour of a Compassion Center.


Donors play a crucial role in centers, contributing items such as diapers, food, and hand-knitted caps. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

On any given day at a Compassion Center, you might see Girl Scouts dropping off diapers from a drive they hosted, a local grocer donating hundreds of pounds of food, a church volunteer delivering extra buy-on-get-one items from a recent trip to the grocery store, or a generous grandmother gifting hand-knitted caps.


Compassion Centers have a vibrant volunteer culture. Volunteers assist during critical times like hurricanes, organizing operations and aiding families.

During hurricanes, Compassion Center volunteers organize operations, assist families as personal shoppers, and support parents in accessing essential services.

External Partners

Compassion Centers extend their support to ministries and service organizations within their communities, enhancing their programs and enabling them to extend their reach to one more. Read how partners make a difference for our Compassion Centers.

Compassion Centers are an Opportunity...

One More Child’s mission is to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families. Compassion Centers are one of the many opportunities we have to reach those we serve. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Put Your Compassion into Action

How do you get involved with Compassion Centers?

The first way is to volunteer. Volunteers offer various services to support this mission, and many opportunities are available for individuals or groups to donate their time. Every volunteer is essential in helping us meet the needs of children and families in need. Explore opportunities to volunteer today.

The second way is to become a donor. Right now, you can make a financial gift to impact vulnerable children and struggling families in the community.


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