One More Child's Role in Operation March Sadness

In collaboration with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), One More Child provided direct care to individuals identified as being exploited during the eight-day human trafficking sting, Operation March Sadness.

Operation March Sadness

A total of 228 suspects were arrested during the operation, underscoring the collaborative efforts of law enforcement and anti-trafficking organizations in combating this crime. The individuals in custody range from 16 to 73 years old. “We embed our counselors with us from the absolute beginning of the operation,” said Sheriff Grady Judd during a press briefing on the operation’s results.

The PCSO conducted screenings to identify potential victims of human trafficking among individuals engaged in providing prostitution services. Out of the 66 individuals arrested for prostitution during the investigation, 13 were identified as potential victims of human trafficking.

One More Child’s Anti-Trafficking Team

One More Child Survivor Leader Stacie Ham also spoke during the press conference and shared her story with WFTS Tampa Bay. Ham detailed how her exploitation began as early as 2 years old when her mother’s boyfriend trafficked her. She explains, “I actually didn’t know I was trafficked until my late 20s. Until I actually received human trafficking education.”

Additionally, One More Child’s Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking, Jodi Domangue, offered insights into the experiences of victims and survivors. Domangue said, “They have been victimized in some way in their history, or they just feel like they don’t have any other options.” She explained One More Child’s role in assisting survivors on the road to recovery by stating, “We let them know that we have resources and teams that can wrap around them and help them find meaningful employment.”

Anti-Trafficking Mobile Teams

One More Child’s Anti-Trafficking Mobile Teams play a crucial role in identifying and assisting trafficking victims across various communities. These dedicated teams deploy swiftly to areas of concern, conducting outreach, providing support services, and collaborating closely with law enforcement agencies to help restore victims.

With a Christ-centered, evidence-based approach, these teams strive to ensure that no victim goes unnoticed and that every survivor receives the care and resources needed to rebuild their lives.

Join the Fight Against Trafficking

As Ham recounted from her own experience, education can be the pathway for those who are exploited to find freedom. Consider attending or hosting a One More Child Anti-Trafficking education event. Learn about human trafficking and its impact. Discover how to “See it” in our communities, “Say it” by reporting through proper channels, and “Stop it” to end the suffering of vulnerable individuals.


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