Mission Update from One More Child

Every week, the leadership and staff of One More Child come together for prayer and devotion to celebrate the encouraging development in our ongoing mission to serve vulnerable children and struggling families, all for the glory of God.

Here is a glimpse into the good news of the recent activities and accomplishments at One More Child:

anti-trafficking operation march sadness 2024

During the eight-day human trafficking sting, Operation March Sadness, One More Child collaborated with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) to provide direct care to individuals identified as being exploited. The arrest of 228 suspects during the operation highlights the combined efforts of law enforcement and anti-trafficking organizations in combating this crime.

As part of the anti-trafficking coalition-building efforts, the One More Child Anti-Trafficking staff participated in the Safeguards Tour, a collaboration with the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention and author Julie Lowe. We had the opportunity to present on Internet Safety alongside the Secret Service, engaging with around 150 attendees.


This week, One More Child has two teams on mission. One is in Costa Rica for the first time this year, and another is in the Dominican Republic, where 21 pre-med students from Baylor University are leading clinics and serving in a hospital. Your prayers for their success are appreciated.

Additionally, our child sponsorship program now serves vulnerable children in 10 countries, with the recent addition of Haiti. We are celebrating the news that two children from Haiti have already received sponsors!

Foster Care

One More Child staff led an in-person Foster Crew training at a partner church, which was typically conducted virtually. It is always an exceptional experience to assist in preparing the church to support foster families and witnessing their remarkable passion and organization. By the end of the training, each foster family had a group of volunteers committed to serving them, showcasing the partner church’s readiness and commitment to making a difference in the lives of foster children in its community.


a&m meal packing 2024For the past year, One More Child has been working on developing a partnership with Texas A&M University. Recently, we hosted an anti-trafficking awareness event on its campus, which included a meal-packing event in collaboration with Texas A&M and the Mike Evans Family Foundation, which resulted in the delivery of 7,000 meals to a local Title I school. The press coverage of this event was featured in 75 publications nationwide, including prominent platforms like Yahoo Finance and Reuters. We’re encouraged to see more than 250,000 people engaging with these impactful stories, with the numbers of potential ministry partners and supporters continuing to rise!

Additionally, through the partnership with A&M University and the events held in Texas, we developed relationships with agencies, including the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) and the Texas Alliance of Child And Family Services.

Single Moms

Last week, one of the single moms we support was selected to recieve a car, free of charge! This car will make a significant difference in her life, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support we can pass along to our moms, particularly from organizations like Charity Cars. It’s truly life-changing!

Thank you for your continued prayer and consistent support as we strive to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families. Stay tuned for more good news from One More Child!


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