What is Bundles?

Bundles is an initiative to provide intentionally packed bags full of quality, ethnic-friendly hair care products to vulnerable individuals in our anti-trafficking programs, foster families, and single-mom homes. We call the bag we pack these products in a “bundle.”

Take a Look Inside:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Daily moisturizer
  • Edge control product
  • Edge control brush
  • Detangle brush
  • Hair and scalp oil
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Sleep bonnet
  • And the bag!
A bundle lasts an individual up to six months!

What are the facts?

Beautiful, ethnic hair requires special hair care products to preserve its shine, beauty, and natural oils. These products can be incredibly expensive to girls and women of color who need them.


African American children represented 14% of the total child population in the U.S. but represent 23% of the children in foster care.¹ Our heart is to make sure these children are provided for with products tailored to what they need.


Nearly half of human trafficking victims are African American women.²

Traffickers often promise access to hair care products they know their victims need to create a sense of dependency. Each bundle provides a sense of independence and freedom to survivors in our direct care programs.

¹ KIDS COUNT Data Center, 2020

² Congressional Black Caucus, Davey, n.d.

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How Can I Help?

Fund Bundles! Each bundle costs $60 to build and lasts up to six months! With your generous one-time or recurring gift, our team will get right to work so everyone who needs a bundle gets a bundle.

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