One More Child has witnessed the profound impact of meeting the immediate needs of individuals in our communities. Serving others is an open door to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who need to hear about Him most. It is volunteers like Ben* whose volunteering with meal services impacts people in need.

Responding To A Cry For Help

After a phone call from Bay Side West’s Campus Pastor about a woman who had no food in her home for her children, One More Child volunteer Ben* organized a food donation for the struggling family. When he visited their residence to deliver the first food basket, he was greeted by a bustling household spanned four generations.

It was there he met Juanita*, the matriarch of the family. Juanita shared her ongoing financial struggles with Ben, admitting that her income only covered rent and the electricity bill.

Recognizing the ongoing need, Ben arranged food deliveries over the next three weeks. Each week, the family consistently received nourishment.

Sharing the Hope of Christ

As they formed a rapport during the deliveries, Ben recognized the family needed more than just food. Seizing the opportunity to express his faith, Ben shared the Gospel, revealing the love and salvation found in Jesus Christ to the family.

Moved by Ben’s testimony, Juanita prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior. Ben’s impact and the woman’s confession of faith will undoubtedly impact the generations living with her in her home.

But it was not just her family who was transformed. That day, two of Ben’s grandchildren from South Carolina were accompanying him. Later, they would say the experience was the highlight of their visit, leaving an indelible impression on their hearts.

How to Meet Their Needs

After the delivery, Juanita expressed a desire to attend church but encountered a setback when her great-grandchild fell ill. Nevertheless, Ben assured her that their support to her would persist with the hope of providing discipleship as she continues to grow in her faith.

Ben proactively sought solutions to address the family’s need for additional beds. He contacted One More Child staff member Moses who connected him with Beds for Kids, a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of providing free beds to children in need. Through this partnership, two beds were generously donated to the family. Now the grandchildren in the home had a place to sleep.

An Honorary Act of Service

One More Child is continually amazed by the power of compassion in the body of Christ. These acts of compassion, beginning with a simple act of volunteers serving meals, not only alleviated the family’s immediate struggles but also bridged the gap to bring hope and stability to their lives.

By dedicating their time, coordinating resources, and connecting in compassion, volunteers become beacons of light in the communities in which they live.


You can be a light for those around you. Join One More Child in supporting the needs of vulnerable children and struggling families in your community by coordinating an an Every Child Every City initiative where you live. Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring hope to those in need.

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