When God Uses Our Despair

Through our Family Support program, One More Child has the privilege of walking alongside individuals facing challenges as they work towards creating better futures for their families. We know that, by the grace of God, many individuals can accomplish feats they never imagined possible.

Natasha’s* road to reunification with her children began with Family Support.

Natasha's Story

reunification family supportA mother of five referred to us to improve parenting skills and the safety of her home, Natasha had lost hope of reunification with her children. They were all in foster care.

Despite feeling hopeless, hurt, and even humiliated to know that she had lost her children, Natasha was open to working with us and doing all she could to become a better mom.

Family Support Helps Parents Protective Factors

When Natasha began working with our Family Support program, her goal was to increase the protective factors in her life to create a safe, structured, and sustainable environment for her children.

Protective factors promote the health and well-being of a family while decreasing the likelihood of adverse outcomes and risks. Based on the Protective Factors Framework, parents like Natasha can:

  • strengthen their resilience,
  • improve social connections,
  • receive concrete support in their time of need,
  • acquire parenting and child development insights, and
  • empower their children with emotional competencies.

Natasha was an eager learner and immediately put much of what she learned from her Parent Mentor into practice. Not only did she complete the program, but throughout, Natasha consistently checked in to gain additional skills and request resources to help her create a safe environment for her children.

Natasha’s case manager recognized her tremendous turnaround and the persistent work she was doing for her and her children. Recently, Natasha was reunified with one of her children. This victory has given Natasha hope that she will be reunited with all of her children again.

Natasha’s story is evidence that the Lord uses even our hopelessness. Reflecting on her journey to where she is today, it is clear her despair transformed into a driving desire that pushed Natasha to work to become a better parent who can provide a safe place for her children.

What Can I Do?

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