Open to the Prompting

How often do we hear stories about a need, big or small but always meaningful, met by chance? This could be called a happy coincidence by some. But as believers who pray for God’s help and guidance, we attribute these coincidences to intervention. Statistical probability struggles to hold water as a reasonable explanation when the outcome is more than just occasionally favorable – it’s as if there is someone, somewhere, looking out and accounting for every detail, even the unspoken ones.

When our willingness to partner with God helps us open to the prompting of His spirit, we can do His will on the earth. And these so-called coincidences become the result of alignment. They are good fruit.

If coincidences at all, they are divine.

Already On the Way

Two One More Child volunteers recently shared a heartwarming story about a donation pick-up. The mother-daughter duo picked up donations from our Miami campus for a local outreach ministry. Coincidentally, just two hours later, the church called to inform the ladies that it had exhausted its supplies for the upcoming community event it was preparing for.

“…for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Matthew 6:8 NIV

The volunteers, who were driving a car brimming with generous donations to deliver at that very moment, were overjoyed. Not only would they be able to meet the ministry’s needs, but they were already en route to deliver the goods when the call came in.

While the carful of donations was being transported to a local Miami ministry, divine intervention was at work more than 300 miles away at the Loft 181 boutique.

They Had Her Name on Them

Loft 181 Manager Jennifer Whitten recalled how the ministry regularly receives unexpected donations. “People just pop in,” she says. Thanks to the generosity of people with a heart to serve the tangible needs of young trafficking survivors and foster children, Loft 181 can provide a curated collection of new and gently used clothing – all free of charge!

But recently, just before a client’s appointment, a donor brought in some items, and among them was a pair of white cowboy boots – something that I had never seen at the Loft before. The staff decided to display them, thinking they were a novelty.

Not long after the client arrived, her guardian ad litem dropped a bombshell: She had an inexplicable desire for white cowboy boots. Not wanting to get her hopes up, the Loft staff confirmed the size.

Of course, the donated boots fit perfectly. The staff was thrilled to take the client back to present her with the unexpected treasures.

“It was a powerful reminder to me that God cares about every little detail,” Whitten marveled. “He knew, even before she walked in, that she had her heart set on white cowboy boots, and He made it happen.”

The joy on this girl’s face was priceless, and she wore those boots throughout the shopping spree at Loft 181.

He Uses You

At One More Child, we experience needs that are miraculously met constantly. But here is the thing about these “divine coincidences” – they are made possible when people like you say “yes” to his prompting to love, serve, and show compassion, even in the most unassuming ways.

He uses you.

At One More Child, we are grateful to provide the means for individuals moved by His Spirit to meet needs they might not otherwise be able to engage with. Single moms, hungry children, foster children, struggling families, and global needs – when you partner with One More Child in your giving and volunteer efforts, you can step into divine coincidence and change one more child’s life for His glory.

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