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One of the most frequently asked questions about foster care is whether there is any help for foster parents after licensing. The answer is yes! One More Child’s Foster Care program supports foster parents in two ways. The first way is through an ongoing commitment to its Florida foster families before, during, and after placements. The second way is through a strategic, nationwide offering called Foster Crew.

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One More Child’s Foster Care program serves families in Florida by guiding prospective foster parents through the licensing prerequisites. Requirements include training classes, background checks, and home inspections. Also, One More Child is committed to providing ongoing encouragement and assistance to our foster families after licensure and placement – just as we have with the Powell family.

The Powell family* has been a One More Child foster care family for several years, opening their hearts and home to numerous foster children. The Powells have been model foster parents, actively participating in the reunification processes of most of their foster children with the love and care of Jesus.  

They are also a wonderful example of what it looks like to partner with One More Child in the rewarding challenge that is being foster parents. 

help for foster parents beyond licensingRecently, the Powells encountered an issue with their primary vehicle, a van they relied on for transporting their family and foster children. The van’s transmission would cost thousands of dollars to repair, and they could not afford it. The Powells could not welcome any more foster children without the working van. Their other vehicle would not accommodate more passengers. 

When the Powells had to decline their subsequent placement, our licensing team learned about their need.  

One More Child’s Foster Care team tirelessly advocates for the children it places and its foster care families. The team contacted a local outreach organization, Man Up and Go, a global organization that helps break the cycle of generational fatherlessness.  

Man Up and Go generously offered a $1,500 donation to help the Powells purchase a new van. The Powell family accepted the assistance and bought a new replacement vehicle just in time. Not long after the replacement, they welcomed an 18-month-old foster child into their home. 

Because our heart is for families, the One More Child Foster Care team also helped these committed foster parents by meeting other tangible needs. Our Foster Care staff also purchased a crib, crib mattress, and fitted sheets for the 18-month-old and shipped them to the Powell residence. The Powells can use the crib – and extra space in their van – to care for future foster children in crisis. 

What If I Don’t Live Florida?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are almost 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, with 44% of children placed in a non-relative foster home.* The need for help is significant!

Although we don’t provide licensing nationwide, you can support foster families where you live.

Foster Crew is a nationwide effort to reach one more vulnerable child or struggling family in the foster care system with the love of Jesus. The program supports foster families by partnering with local churches to offer wraparound care to foster families in their communities. Super sitters, household helpers, meal makers, prayer partners, and more – One More Child provides information, training, online tools, and ongoing support to help start and manage a Crew in your local community. 

This is how Foster Crew impacted City Church and its foster family community.

Get Involved

Whether you are ready to open your home or have a heart to serve the families who do, you can make a difference in the lives of at-risk children and those who step forward to love them in times of great need. Learn how to impact the life of one more child in foster care today.


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*Names have been changed and stock images used for privacy.


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