All it takes is a tiny seed for a plant to blossom.

The Powells are full of happiness and joy! Whether it is singing JoyFM songs with their children or laughing together, their love for Christ is evident to every child who comes into their home.

Mike and Joy were licensed in 2019 and have fostered six children. Their adventure to foster care started as a dream that God slowly placed on both of their hearts. The Powell’s initial response was, “Not us!”

But as the days progressed, Joy had a dream they signed paperwork to become foster parents, and God had been speaking to Mike’s heart all week. “Ok God, I guess you have us,” was their response.

Now, they work alongside children and their biological parents to ensure deep relationships and to show Jesus’s love in all that they do.

“Because we know and trust Christ, we can offer His love to others in need,” the Powells said.

Recently, that planted seed resulted in their twin 4-year-olds praying to receive Christ

God is planting seeds, and we are grateful for the work He is doing through the Powells. We know they will continue to plant seeds and see a harvest as the Lord gives the family opportunities to love His people.

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