There are trafficking victims in your city we cannot reach without your help.

The Reality of Sex Trafficking

In the United States, there are at least 10,500 children and teens coerced into the sex trade each year — and likely many more. Boys, girls, men, and women are groomed, manipulated and forced into despicable sex acts that create unthinkable trauma.

What Can You Do?

Although it is frequently depicted in the news, movies, and social media, human trafficking is often misunderstood. Our Anti-Trafficking: 101 video course is designed to help participants understand what human trafficking is, whom it affects, and how to respond.

Engage Your Community.

Anti-Trafficking: 101 for groups combines expert information that will equip your group to assist in the identification of sex trafficking in your community with hands-on activities that provide meaningful ways for you to aid survivors in their healing journey.


  • What human trafficking is
  • Who trafficking affects
  • How to SEE IT, SAY IT, and STOP IT when it comes to trafficking in your community
  • How to respond so we can reach one more

Ready to Start?

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2. Watch our Anti-Trafficking: 101 video series or host a gathering for your group.
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