There are trafficking victims in your city we cannot reach without your help. We provide you everything to host a one-time event that will turn attendees into educated, passionate advocates for vulnerable children!

The Reality of Sex Trafficking

In the United States, there are at least 10,500 children and teens coerced into the sex trade each year — and likely many more. Boys, girls, men and women are groomed, manipulated and forced into despicable sex acts that create unthinkable trauma.

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately there are many harmful myths about trafficking circulating our culture that keep people and communities from truly understanding it and making a difference. We have created the resources needed to put on a thought-provoking, engaging event at the venue of your choice to address these challenges.

What Does This Event Look Like?

Our Anti-Trafficking Education Events are interactive guided experiences that provide deep, powerful truths about trafficking and trauma. Each event includes a video component where trafficking survivors and expert clinicians guide you through much-needed discussions and equip you to be an informed advocate to fight end sex trafficking.

We will provide you worksheets, discussion guides and ways for your church and community to help fight trafficking alongside us in the future.

Your attendees will learn:
  • Common myths about trafficking
  • How trauma affects us all
  • How to advocate for victims and vulnerable children in their city
  • How to find their voice to be lifelong advocates

Ready to Stand on the Front Line to End Trafficking?

You know you and your church are ready to take the next steps to learn more about being on the front line of fighting sex trafficking. Here’s where to start:

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2. Schedule Interest Meeting to learn more

3. Pick a date, receive your resources and invite attendees to your event