doreen in our sponsorship program in uganda

A vibrant, social girl from Uganda, Doreen lives in a house full of family and extended family members. She attends a primary school built by One More Child and run by our ministry partners in the region. As a seventh grader, she knew she needed to graduate from primary school with strong grades. But she was distracted.  

In Uganda, seventh grade marks the end of primary school and admission to secondary school depends heavily on a student’s academic performance. However, at the start of the school year, Doreen struggled to prioritize her academic responsibilities, often more focused on spending time with friends. Her budding social life and down-trending grades concerned her mother, teachers, and One More Child’s ministry partner in the region.  

Over time and through mentoring, guidance, and lots of fervent prayer, Doreen began to shift her attention and energy back to her education. Now, not only is she diligently applying herself to her studies, but she is also actively participating in our ministry partner’s Awana program and Sunday School.  

Doreen’s transformation has been amazing to witness. Her journey reflects her growing commitment to her faith and academic success.  



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