While the Dominican Republic has made economic progress in recent years, girls and women remain vulnerable both physically and financially. Maribel is a single mother who was never able to finish school, dropping out after only first grade. 

Unfortunately, Maribel’s situation is not unique. A considerable number of Dominican girls do not finish school, partly due to ongoing school violence that disrupts their learning. According to the World Bank, nearly half of all Dominican students report bullying or harassment, a rate that surpasses other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. *  

Because Maribel never learned to read or write, it has been incredibly difficult for her to find a job to support her four children. To complicate her family’s situation, her oldest two sons Gabriel (23) and second Welinton (20) were both unable to finish high school due to errors on their birth certificates, so their ability to support themselves or their family is also limited.  

Their humble home built from zinc sheets does not have safe drinking water, and since the family is not able to purchase filtered water, many daily tasks are challenging. Each morning, they are forced to walk more than half a mile to use a local well. And while most of the country has access to running water, sanitation can be a challenge.  

Thankfully, Maribel’s twins Anderson and Andres (13) are currently in 8th grade and holding onto big aspirations for their futures. Anderson wishes to be a professional baseball player one day, while Andres wants to be an engineer. Additionally, Anderson is provided for through a partnership between our ministry partner in the area and our child sponsorship program. The benefits he receives are essentially his family’s sole support. 

Recently, Anderson’s sponsor visited the Dominican Republic on a One More Child mission trip and was able to spend time with the family. Moved with compassion, the sponsor decided to sponsor Andres, too, doubling the family’s support. This is a huge blessing for them!  

We are so thankful for the love and support of our sponsors. Because of their compassionate generosity, we can make a difference in the lives of struggling families like Maribel’s. Will you join us in reaching one more 


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