The return to school at the beginning of the new year was full of reasons to rejoice in Uganda.

In January, students in the country received their national exam results that determined the schools they could attend. Meanwhile, teachers returned to school to prepare their classrooms, and students scrambled to prepare their supplies and make boarding arrangements. By early February, the primary school began its classes.

One More Child’s partner says that God is at work in the lives of many of their Ugandan children and families. Some have recently accepted Jesus into their hearts, and others are growing in their faith. Our partners are so thankful for the Christian teachers they work with and shared that some of the newer teachers are even graduates of the One More Child sponsorship program. We are delighted to hear that God allows us to sow into the next generation in that way.

One More Child joins our partners in Uganda in praising God for the opportunities ahead of the primary school graduates who received top scores, qualifying for quality high schools. Please continue to pray for the high school graduate results, that their scores will qualify them for the areas of study they hope to pursue.


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