“There is a verse from the Bible in the Book of James, which says: That God chose the poor in the eyes of this world, so that they would become rich in faith and heirs of the Kingdom.

This month, I would like to share about a young man named Cristian, a young man who is sponsored through One More Child. He is a young man who, when you see him for the first time, you wouldn’t say that there is anything special about him.

But as you spend time with him, you soon realize that God has put values​​ in him that must be discovered and used.

Cristi had several operations on his face as a child, something that put him at a disadvantage when he was among other children, but that did not discourage him from being a fighter. Talking with him, I found out that one day he would like to work on a construction site. He is currently in 11th grade, but he would like to become a welder or an electrician upon graduation. Also, because he likes to work at heights, he would like to travel at least once by airplane and jump with a parachute. He also loves playing chess!

Cristi has a sensitive soul, he is friendly and he values ​​the friends that he has. He is also a person who trusts in God and seeks to know Him more each day. He mentioned that he would like a Bible to read, so our partners promised him to find a way to get him a Bible.

We continue to speak about the Lord Jesus with Cristi and remind him that he is precious before God. This news makes him happy. Please pray with me that God will continue to work and lead Cristian’s life.”

-One More Child Partner in Romania

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