Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Maker's Box™ important?

There is a war on the hearts and minds of all children – especially those who have experienced deep trauma. Understanding who God is as He reveals Himself through Scripture and the knowledge of the rich truths of the gospel can provide a solid foundation and hope and healing to children everywhere.

How can I use Maker's Box™?


Use the box for family devotions, bedtime lessons, grandparents camp, and bonding with children in your care. A complete box will provide everything you need for four lessons and crafts/memory cards to teach three children. Have more than three children? Order extra crafts and  memory card sets for $5/child.


Maker’s Box can be used for mission trips, vacation bible school curricula, camps, and in any group setting. Choose a theme and order a la carte to use in corporate teaching, or order complete boxes to gift to support foster families or single moms.


Want to include volunteers? Have a Packing Party! Choose a theme and order your items a la carte. You will receive empty boxes, envelopes, and all the box contents to assemble yourself. Then your group can pack, pray over, and give the boxes to vulnerable families in your community.

What age is it for?

Although written primarily for elementary-age children, Maker’s Box™ is a valuable discipleship tool for all ages – from preschool up to adults! Leaders can use lessons as a general guide to simplify or advance the teaching points based on their audience. Crafts and visuals help the lessons “stick” for all ages. Some of the themes have bonus materials available through a QR code in the Leader’s Guide, providing storybooks and skits to emphasize the lesson.

How do I purchase one?

How to Buy a Box for a Family:

Go to the “Purchase Now” button, and buy box sets or a la carte items based  on your needs. One box has supplies for three children for four  lessons (12 crafts). If the family you are purchasing for has more than three children, you can buy the extra supplies for the theme for $5/child.

How to Buy for a Group:

Consider these examples to help you discern how to order for specific situations.

– You are teaching Maker’s Box. For one  month of lessons, purchase one theme lesson book and 22 craft and memory cards sets a la carte.
– You are going on a mission trip and will be speaking to a group of 150 children at a one-time event. To teach Lesson 2 in The One Who Calms, order one lesson book and 150 of the craft for lesson 2 only. (Not the complete set).

Can I contact the Maker's Box™ team for a specialized order or if I have a question?

Yes, please email us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can I return my Maker's Box™?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for assistance with exchanges, returns, and refunds. Items can be returned within 30 days of receipt, provided they are unused and in their original condition. Refunds will be issued through your original payment method. Thank you for your support of Maker’s Box, a ministry of One More Child.