God is the One who heals broken hearts! When He sees our brokenness, He offers to put us back together because He loves and treasures us.

Lesson 1: God Knows How You Feel
Bible Lesson: The Struggles of Jesus
Scripture Memory: Luke 24:46b
Craft: Wooden Tags

Lesson 2: God Heals Broken Hearts
Biblical Principle: House Restoration
Scripture Memory: Psalm 147:3
Craft: Band-Aid Broken Heart

Lesson 3: God’s Healing Takes Time
Bible Lesson: Naomi Waits on God
Scripture Memory: Psalm 27:13-14
Craft: Clock

Lesson 4: God’s Healing Makes You Stronger
Bible Lesson: Peter Is Restored and Strengthened
Scripture Memory: Psalm 28:7a
Craft: Butterfly


One MAKER’S BOXTM provides everything you need for three children:

  • Leader guide with four lessons (and visuals if applicable)
  • Scripture memory cards with rings
  • Craft supplies

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