As we honor the women in our lives this month, we at One More Child recognize there is often no figure more central to our mission to support vulnerable children and families than the mother.  

“Every child’s story involves their momma in some way,” Christi Haag, renowned speaker, spokeswoman for One More Child, and wife to its president/CEO, Jerry, said when we interviewed her for Women’s History Month. 

The mother of two credits the legacy of the strong, amazing, Christian women in her family for leading her to places in her life where she fed children in Africa and ministered to sex-trafficked children in leper colonies in Southeast Asia. She calls her own mother “kind, Godly, and loving,” and recognizes the influence of her Nana’s unwavering faith and her Meme’s deep love of family.  

But her passion for caring for hurting children began in childhood as the daughter of a pastor – a pastor who also worked at a children’s home in South Texas where she grew up.  

“[The children’s home] was a ranch complete with horses, cattle, a fishing pond, and tons of kids…Watching both of my parents’ passion about Christian, child welfare ignited a flame in me to do the same,” Christi said. 

From the mission fields of China to guest speaking on Christian television, Christi’s confidence and boldness in sharing her faith has allowed her to use her voice to advocate for abused, abandoned, and neglected children, leading them to Christ through One More Child’s services stateside and across the globe.  

She can’t imagine a more important mission and is thankful to do it.  

Today, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade and with more mothers in crisis than ever before, Christi is speaking up boldly for women and children, calling the Church to action on their behalf. 

 “Many times, we, as the Body of Christ, harp on what we are against. I am passionate about sharing what we are FOR – we are FOR women and children. We are FOR encouraging and equipping mommas who keep their babies to thrive in Christ,” Christi said.  

One More Child’s Rise for Life initiative to reach every child, involve every church, strengthen every community, and empower every family urges churches and communities to mobilize in support of expectant mothers who may not feel like they have a voice.  

“We cannot simply ‘wish someone well’ who chooses life in difficult circumstances. [Jesus] tells us to put our compassion into action,” Christi said. “Help them, love them, provide for them, encourage them. That’s what Christ did…”  

Join One More Child and Christi Haag in the RISE for Life campaign, using your voice for women who feel like they may not have one.

“Pray and say YES to the Lord in whatever He is leading you [to do] to be involved. Maybe He is asking you to volunteer in some capacity at your local pregnancy resource center. Maybe Jesus is asking you to become a foster or adoptive parent to a momma that chooses life but simply cannot raise that child,” Christi said. “Whatever the Lord is leading you to do, I encourage you to JUMP in and not miss it!”  

Christi promises your blessing to these mothers in need will be a blessing to you, too.



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