When One More Child’s Family Support staff started working with Jessica*, she was struggling emotionally, financially, and spiritually. A single mother of three, Jessica was deeply grieving the loss of her children’s father and contending with a long history of her own abuse and neglect and a lifetime of living on and off the streets and in and out of shelters.    

She had little hope, wondering if it was worth trying to make things better because as she put it, “things always get worse.” She was hesitant to believe that One More Child’s Parent Mentor program could help her.     

In the valley of her hopelessness, grief, and overwhelm is where our staff met her, where they came alongside her. 

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.   –Isaiah 40:11   


Over several weeks, the staff gently introduced and modeled positive parenting, helped Jessica clean and organize her home, and provided the things she needed to create a safe living environment for her family.    

Mattresses on the floor became beds with frames for each child plus shelves for clothing and toy baskets, laundry baskets, sheets, blankets, and clothing.   

That is when our staff began to see changes in Jessica’s spirit. A mom who did not know how to talk to her children became one who could set positive expectations and model healthy behaviors.

“All I have ever wanted to do was be a good parent. That’s all their father and I wanted. But no one has ever shown me what to do,” Jessica confided.    

Nearly ready to give up, Jessica began asking questions, taking notes, wanting to learn. She came to the realization that in order to care for her children, she must learn coping mechanisms to deal with her own grief and trauma.   


As part of their care for Jessica, One More Child Family Support staff not only provided the family with their first set of bed frames, but also their very first Bibles. They talked with Jessica about Christ and His love for her family. Jessica plans to register her kids for the Awana program at a nearby church.   

In just a few short weeks, the apprehension Jessica first felt has been replaced with hope and she now greets our staff at the door, smiling.  
*Client’s name has been changed for privacy purposes. 


As we are getting ready to celebrate all mothers during the month of May, we invite you to participate in One More Child’s Mother’s Day Offering – to provide for tomorrow’s blessings with your generous gift for mothers like Jessica and their children.  


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