We partner with more than 200 Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) in Florida.

With so many women and one more child in this way!

If you are interested in establishing a Pregnancy Resource Center in Florida, take the first steps:



Is this God’s will for you, your church, and/or your association?

Talk with your pastor

Determine if the church is supportive. Place articles in the church bulletin to find other like-minded church members.

Contact us

For personal consultation and more information, contact Mary Lou Hendry, Director of Sanctity of Human Life, at Marylou.Hendry@onemorechild.org or call us at 863.687.8811 Ext. 2223.

All of the Pregnancy Care Center’s we partner with uphold the following values:

  • God’s love for His creation and to care for one another.
  • Our responsibilities to be salt and dark world.
  • Evangelism, the command make disciples.
  • Practical ministry: Jesus commended those who visited the sick, those in prison, and those who gave food or clothing to the needy.
  • Defending the unborn, the most defenseless and fragile of all people. Proverbs exhorts us to rescue those being led away to slaughter.
  • Promoting marriage and especially fatherhood as God’s plan for rearing children in a God-honoring way.
  • Promoting abstinence until marriage and singles to choose moral purity.
  • Abortion Recovery Bible studies as a healing instrument in the lives of those suffering from an abortion.