A 15 Year Old Mom Counts Her Baby Twice...

Few 15-year-old girls would count their unplanned pregnancies as a blessing. But that is exactly what Myia* calls the experience, thanks to the caring community that supported her as she bravely embraced motherhood. 

Myia grew up in a dark trailer without electricity never knowing where her next meal would come from, and because her own mother struggled with drugs, Myia was already playing the role of a parent to her younger siblings when she found out she was pregnant. 

The only solution she saw in her circumstances was an abortion when a compassionate teacher at her high school told her about the Pregnancy and Family Care Center (PFCC). 

What is PFCC?

PFCC, a member of the Florida Association of Life Centers and Clinics under One More Child, is part of a vast network of over 200 pregnancy care centers dedicated to serving women nationally and globally. They provide direct care, resources, and guidance to women in need.  

PFCC offers a range of services, including referrals to local pro-life physicians for ultrasounds if an expectant mother is considering abortion. They also support those choosing life, helping with adoption planning, childbirth, and parenting education. One of its essential programs, Earn While You Learn, provides clients with maternity clothes and baby care items like clothing, diapers, bottles, formula, baby furniture, and car seats in exchange for completing parenting and Bible study lessons designed to instill confidence and vital life skills for expecting parents.  

Let Go to Embrace Joy

When Myia met with volunteers at the Center, she was gently presented with information about the abortion procedure she sought and a comprehensive list of other options available to her. With a full understanding of what she was facing, and determined not to carry the trauma burden of regret that often accompanies the decision to terminate a pregnancy, Myia made the courageous choice for motherhood despite the limitations of her present circumstance. 

Suddenly, through the Center and the community around her, Myia found she had the tangible resources she needed to have her baby. 

As her pregnancy progressed, and need-after-need was met, the staff at the pregnancy center became like a family to Myia, nurturing not only her and her unborn child but also her relationship with Jesus Christ. Myia realized she had gone from a place where she was hopeless and alone, burdened by dire circumstances, to a place where she was overwhelmingly cared for by a community that loved Jesus.  

It was then that she was able to let go of her past to embrace joy – especially in motherhood – and her heart softened toward Jesus as her new family guided her on the path of faith to baptism. Everyone rejoiced as they welcomed not only Myia into their eternal family but also celebrated the impact her salvation promised to make on her unborn child. 

Despite the great challenges she faced, Myia graduated from high school on time as planned and secured a job she loves. Today, though she has a son of her own, the burden of parenting her siblings has been lifted by her grandfather with whom they all live, grateful to be together as a family. 

Hope, Love, and Healing Available

Myia’s son is the source of immense happiness for her, a blessing she says she “counts twice” when she thinks about her journey to motherhood. She bravely shares her story as a testament to the hope, love, and healing available through Christian pregnancy care centers for young women who find themselves in similar circumstances.  

Today, the Pregnancy and Family Care Center (PFCC) and One More Child continue to play a vital role in providing essential resources, compassionate care, and a supportive community to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  

When you support One More Child, you empower mothers like Myia to navigate the challenges of parenthood with grace and strength with your generosity. Learn more to make a difference.  


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