Moving away from the past is difficult but feeling stuck in the present seems more impossible. With nowhere to go and no direction to turn, this is the challenge many single moms live every day.

In 2018, Catavia found herself spending time in a jail cell due to a pattern of bad behaviors and disordered priorities. Drug addiction and homelessness left her feeling like she hit rock bottom. She prepared to re-enter the world with nothing to come home to but the clothes on her back, and there was an overwhelming sense that there was more to life than missed child birthdays and failure to provide for a family.

She was searching for a place to wander, a new path to follow.

The single mom recalls turning to her stepdad in desperate dependence on what was best for her family. The advice he gave was life-changing. “Go to God. You got to pray.”

“So, I did,” Catavia said.

Catavia’s prayers led her to Lighthouse Ministries, a Christian non-profit that serves those who are struggling. The ministry became her place to earn an income while creating relationships with others like her – lost but searching to find their way.

That’s when she met Denise. Denise also worked at Lighthouse Ministries and recently graduated from our Single Moms Program. One More Child’s Single Moms Program is designed to assist single moms with housing, budgeting, education and mentorship.

Catavia and Denise quickly became friends because of the one thing they had in common: they were both dedicated to their kids.

Moving from her shameful past was difficult, but Catavia wouldn’t let it keep her from moving forward. She unpacked what little she owned and began the year-long journey to living a better life, becoming a participant and, eventually, graduating from our program.

“I was glad when I got here… I knew this was the next step, coming from a shelter to that next step of being on my own, and now I’m finally in my own apartment,” Catavia said.

The single mom was able to move into the apartment with the $12,000 she saved from being in our Single Moms Program. Participants save a percentage of their income, and at the end of the program they will receive the total sum of what they put away.

Denise has also moved into her apartment since being in our program, and the two continue to encourage each other to be the best for their children.

Moving away from the past is difficult, but freedom changes the present. The boxes no longer hold the shame of her past because the future of Catavia and Denise’s story has God’s hand moving it.

Moms like Denise and Tay are not just strong. They are #momstrong.

To help single moms in your community, become a mentor or give today to know you are making an eternal difference! Contact our Single Moms team for more information.


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