Over-crowded public bus seats and long walks on the concrete used to be her daily commute around town. Kenitra Lofton had been without a car since 2005. The devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina meant not only suffering the loss of a vehicle but the loss of her freedom.

Long walks in the heat were traded in for leather seats on August 8, 2022. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive-end linebacker, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, handed the One More Child single mother of six the keys to a new ride.

“I have been without a car for a long time,” Lofton said. “I have been struggling with my kids, and you know, living paycheck to paycheck.” The gently used Lexus will provide assistance and stability for Lofton to drive to work and take her children to daycare, school, sports practices and after-school activities.

Tryon-Shoyinka played a special part in the car giveaway as he recalled the struggles of growing up in a single-family household.

“One More Child has given me the opportunity to give back to those who are similar to me and, you know, who may have experienced things I’ve experienced,” said Tryon-Shoyinka. “Having a car really is a really big part of their lives, and I am excited to be able to give that to them.”

The defensive linebacker is grateful for his mom’s sacrifice to get him where he is today. Now, he can give back to a family in a similar situation.

Tampa football player gives keys to car

Single moms carry the weight from a family on their shoulders often with little to no help. More than 12 million children in the United States live in a single-mom household. The mothers of these children are desperately searching for endurance to run, strength to overcome and hope to hold.

One More Child’s mission is to serve the vulnerable. Our Single Moms Community Program is a 10-week program that serves single moms and their children as they work diligently toward self-sufficiency and rediscover who God created them to be. The program creates a network of care, guidance and support for single-mom families in crisis.

Lofton is a graduate of One More Child’s Single Moms Community Program and the Family Support program.

God’s hand has driven Kenitra Lofton’s story all along. It began with donors who saw the need of a single-mom and her children, and one of those children would later become NFL player Joe Tryon-Shoyinka. We are thankful for our donors and Tryon-Shoyinka for supporting the mission of our organization and helping one more child.

One More Child exists to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families locally and globally. From the opening of our first orphanage in 1904 to our present-day ministries, we are honored to help children in tangible ways around the globe.

Every Child, Every City initiatives, such as the Single Moms Community Program, educate and provide resources for economic mobility, emotional sustainability and spiritually cultivating a relationship with Christ.

Meet the needs of single mothers in your community by becoming a mentor or giving today to know you are making an eternal difference! Learn more about the Mom Strong campaign.


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