Care that Goes Beyond Programming

While One More Child is honored to support mothers through its Single Moms Community and residential programs, our mission to reach one more mom extends beyond those in our Single Moms Community and residential programs. We also work to care for expectant mothers, survivor mothers, and mothers worldwide.

These three testimonies demonstrate how supporting One More Child’s mission to reach vulnerable children and struggling families cares for single moms.

Our Care for Single Moms Includes...

Walking Through Uncertainty with Single Moms

Stephanie’s* journey mirrors that of many mothers who seek support at pregnancy care centers when facing the challenges of unplanned pregnancies. Struggling with job loss and financial strain due to her pregnancy, Stephanie felt overwhelmed, and abortion seemed like her only option. Despite her underserved and impoverished circumstances, the pregnancy care center, with the assistance of One More Child, provided vital support to Stephanie and her family. 

At the center, Stephanie not only received Biblical counseling and a safe environment to explore her options but also found comprehensive assistance when she chose to continue her pregnancy. Something as simple as diapers, provided by One More Child, brought tangible relief to Stephanie and other mothers like her. 

We are thankful to God that we can, together with pregnancy care centers, care for one more mother and her family today and for eternity. 

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Guiding Single Mothers to Healing

As an underage mother and survivor of trafficking, Lana* faces challenges that many of us could never imagine. Yet, with the support of One More Child, Lana has been able to build a life in which she and her baby not only survive but also thrive. 

When Lana was first assigned a Peer Mentor from One More Child’s Anti-Trafficking program, she hesitated to engage. Eventually, Lana began to seek comfort and advice, building a bond with her mentor, who became a lifeline in her tumultuous life. Through their bi-weekly sessions, Lana learned valuable parenting skills and found the support she needed to balance her responsibilities. Juggling school, part-time work, and caring for her baby, Lana faced each day with determination and resilience. 

Today, Lana’s story is one of triumph. With the ongoing support of One More Child and her dedicated Mentor, Lana is thriving. Her healing journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of providing a team of caring individuals to rally around survivor moms like Lana in support. 

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care for single momsSupporting Single Mothers Globally

One More Child serves children and families in various places with different struggles, many of which are their own fault. But they all have a need we can meet together through God’s provision.

Recently, we met a single mother named Loretta* through one of our global ministry partners. She was struggling to feed her three young children and was also deaf, communicating solely through sign language. In addition to providing her with food and essential resources, a partner proficient in sign language encouraged Loretta to participate in our programs for single mothers to provide support for social mobility and overcoming poverty.

Loretta attended all the sessions, and at her graduation, she expressed, “This experience has changed my life, and I feel God’s presence with me.”

Loretta’s story proves that, through the generous giving of people like you, we can make the lives of single mothers worldwide a little bit easier.

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Join Us in Caring for Single Moms!

No matter how you choose to join hands with One More Child in supporting single moms, your generosity enables us to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and struggling families. Whether you opt for a one-time donation or connect your church with us for our annual Mother’s Day Offering, your financial gift will have a meaningful impact. We are rejoicing over the opportunity to serve single moms alongside you!


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