Global Ministry in
Costa Rica

“Pura Vida!” (Pure Life) is how you may be greeted in Costa Rica! Noted as one of the safest and most economically stable countries in Central America, Costa Rica is a highly developed nation with a vast number of visitors and expats visiting the blend of cities, rain forests, coastline and mountains. Despite the admirable growth and development, there is still great need for ministry and evangelism efforts, especially in the fight against poverty and human trafficking. That’s why we established a global ministry in Costa Rica.


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Mission Trips

Short-term mission teams have the opportunity to serve and support our ministry partners in Costa Rica in their daily activities such as distributing food, interacting with children that are at high risk of human trafficking, participating in school, providing medical care, and more.

Go On a Mission Trip
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Child Sponsorship

Through partnerships with local churches, One More Child has established our sponsorship program, which includes a monthly food basket for sponsored children, regular community trainings in health, nutrition and parenting skills, and consistent opportunities to hear the gospel.

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Community Development

Our feeding program for young children through age five contributes to our community development in Costa Rica.


YOU CAN Help Children Globally

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Go On Mission

Experience being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in tangible ways to impact children and families around the globe.

Opportunities in Costa Rica could include:

  • Ministry and evangelism
  • Medical care
  • Cultural exposure
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helping a child in Costa Rica with a nutritious meal

Sponsor a Child

Child Sponsorship meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children all around the world. For only $35 a month you can provide critical nutrition, education, medical care, and opportunities to grow spiritually to a child in poverty. You will also be able to build a relationship with your sponsored child through letters. Join one of our mission trips to visit your sponsored child.

Sponsor a child in COSTA RICA
donate money to one more child


A gift of any size will make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children around the globe. Give a gift today and plant hope and a future for a child in need. Your gift can be used to provide hot meals to hungry children, a clean water well for a whole community, a college education for a young adult, or a safe home for a family in need around the world.



You can change lives through your prayers!
Prayer is a powerful tool, that’s why we invite you to pray for children and families in Costa Rica.

Pray for:

  • Stable and safe home environments.
  • Spiritual mentorship for children and families.
  • God’s provision for their physical needs.
  • Protection from harm and exploitation such as abuse, trafficking, and violence.

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Access Helpful RESOURCES

Thank you for your heart for vulnerable children and families around the globe. Access helpful flyers and videos to share about our global ministry locations with your network of friends and family. If you are joining us on a mission trip, we offer helpful mission trip resources that will help you promote your trip.


Your generosity can make a difference in the lives of others.