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In a recent episode of the “Find Hope Here with Teresa Whiting” podcast, esteemed Advocate and National Speaker Christi Haag represented One More Child to share her experiences and insights into serving individuals affected by sexual exploitation.

Anti-Trafficking Advocacy

Driven by her belief in the transformative power of Christ-centered care, Christi has been at the forefront of One More Child programs and initiatives that focus on the recovery, rehabilitation, and restoration of children and families impacted by sex trafficking.

In their wide-ranging discussion, Christi and Teresa explored how communities can come alongside victims and organizations like One More Child, who stand ready to serve those who have suffered abuse. Risk factors and warning signs of sex trafficking educated listeners about vulnerable individuals who are at risk of ongoing exploitation and falling through the cracks.

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Help Reach One More

At One More Child, we are dedicated to bringing hope and healing to vulnerable individuals and families. In 2023 alone, our efforts directly impacted 1,007 individuals through our 24/7 Anti-Trafficking Mobile Teams and extended our reach to an additional 12,969 through educational, advocacy, and awareness initiatives.

Our comprehensive approach involves creating safe spaces for survivors, offering trauma-informed care, and collaborating closely with anti-trafficking leaders and law enforcement to provide timely support.

Be an Advocate for Survivors

Join One More Child and Christi Haag in the fight against trafficking today by exploring our Anti-Trafficking educational events. Together, we can take meaningful steps to end the suffering of those at risk.


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