Take the quiz to find out what the your holiday giving says about you!
You have a special gift to notice details others often miss.

Many single moms, struggling families, and foster families feel afraid. Your support shares love for families to know Christ is working in the details!

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You are someone who is there for others in their time of need.

Pack meals for children to take home on the weekend. With your help, no child will ever go to bed hungry. Learn more about hosting a Backpack Meals event.

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Your compassion shows through your action.

Child Sponsorship provides children with an education, weekly meal baskets, school supplies, and more. Learn more about what your $35/month gift can do!

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You show love through your selfless actions!

Help provide care to survivors of sex-trafficking by hosting an Anti-Trafficking Education Event. Learn more about hosting, or donate to our Anti-Trafficking program!

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You take time to care for those in need.

There are families struggling to keep up with the demand for diapers. Learn more about our annual Diaper Drive! Donate diapers or give a generous gift so one more child can have basic necessities.

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You have a humble heart to serve when others can’t see it.

Join the All for One Giving Circle to meet your match with monthly giving that coincides with your passion! Learn more about the All for One Giving Circle.

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