At One More Child we emphasize holistic care that incorporates physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Our mobile outreach teams provide a safe, supportive environment for survivors of sex trafficking to heal from trauma and discover their God-given worth and purpose. Our expert staff are sensitive to the individual needs of each survivor and are well-trained in trauma-informed care. In our preventive work, we advocate tirelessly to make standard trauma-informed approaches to recovery and restoration regardless of where survivors live.

We train professionals in the medical, law enforcement, hospitality and education sectors to recognize signs of trafficking.

Thanks to our expertise and our compassionate faith-based approach to fighting trafficking, we are often asked to sit at the table with influential decision makers whether in Tallahassee or Washington D.C.

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One More Child works closely with passionate leaders around the state as part of a coordinated care network that is on the ground when potential survivors are located and that continues to make a difference throughout Florida.