A trafficked survivor began a new life when One More Child stepped in.

One More Child has collaborated with Homeland Security Investigations and the US Marshal’s Service in nationwide anti-trafficking efforts and supported 265 survivors in 2022. But it is through stories like Monique’s* that we grasp the difference that fighting for one more person can make.

The night before meeting a One More Child advocate and clinician, Monique bravely escaped from a trafficker who had used her drug addiction and instability to exploit her. She felt trapped, hopeless, and exhausted from a life of abuse and abandonment. However, One More Child’s Anti-Trafficking advocates and clinicians not only supported her in identifying her trafficking experiences for what they were, but the program also offered Monique therapy and mentorship to guide her toward healing.

With the assistance of the dedicated One More Child staff, Monique successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program, secured stable employment, and made progress on her parenting case plan. Monique continues to set new goals for her future and is growing in self-confidence.

One More Child is helping trafficking survivors begin a new life. We are also working to prevent more children and adults from becoming victims while predators financially profit. Learn more about our trafficking prevention efforts.

*Names changed for privacy


Trafficking happens in almost every state in the United States and reaches every continent around the world. It presents us with an undeniable opportunity to effect change, no matter where we live. Learn more about how you can get involved in fighting trafficking.



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