On Easter Sunday, a foster family celebrated the baptism of their foster child. The Smith* family had the opportunity to welcome another child into their forever family in the kingdom of heaven with the baptism of their foster daughter, Sarah. * It was a full-circle moment for the family as Mr. Smith, Sarah’s foster father, lowered her below the waterline and lifted her up again.

Sarah’s journey through foster care had been a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs as she confronted and worked through her trauma. Throughout this challenging process, Sarah received invaluable support in counseling, unwavering love, and care from her foster family. The Smiths had created a nurturing environment where Sarah not only found solace but also thrived in becoming a consistent role model for the other foster children under their roof.

Ever curious and eager to explore her spirituality, Sarah consistently sought answers and embraced a desire to learn about God. However, her path was not without obstacles. After a failed attempt at family reunification, Sarah returned to the Smith home, determined to deepen her connection with her faith. With renewed dedication, she immersed herself in the church community, finding solace, strength, and belonging.

It was during this transformative phase that Sarah’s unwavering faith in Jesus as her Savior grew, leading her to make the heartfelt decision to be baptized. The prospect of being baptized on Easter Sunday by her foster father filled Sarah’s heart with pure joy and anticipation. The Smith family shared her excitement, eagerly looking forward to witnessing her spiritual growth and the journey of faith that lay ahead.

Sarah’s unwavering devotion to her newfound faith was evident as she shared her story with anyone willing to listen. Her experiences, resilience, and the profound impact of her foster family’s love and support inspired her to spread the message of Jesus and the power of faith to those around her. Sarah’s faith became a beacon of hope, illuminating the lives of not only her foster family but also the entire community.

This beautiful occasion marked a significant milestone in Sarah’s life, symbolizing her profession of faith and the remarkable transformation she had undergone since joining the Smith family three years ago.

*Names changed for privacy


If you were moved by this story and would like to get involved, you can impact the lives of children like Sarah and families like the Smiths in the foster care system. Learn more about fostering or talk with your church about starting foster crew program to provide wraparound support for foster families where you live.



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