She Loves Out Loud Global prayer event sponsored by One More Child.


And the response was tremendous as women in the U.S. and 32 other countries gathered to pray and lift each other up on November 5, 2022, during She Loves Out Loud Global. This event, sponsored by One More Child, left women encouraged, uplifted, and called to action. What a powerful day!

If you were a part of She Loves Out Loud Global, welcome back. If you missed the event, you will find all recorded messages in the order of the program. We pray this resource will be a blessing to you and others as you (re)watch the powerful testimonies of hope and healing that have been shared. And, we pray that you will be moved to answer the call to serve alongside One More Child.

She Loves Out Loud Global Program Recordings

Real Woman: (Re)Discovering God’s Good Design
Donna Gaines

With her message, Donna Gaines equips women to live a flourishing life that reflects the purpose, joy, and significance of an image bearer of God. Her focus lies on authentic community, biblical truth, and practical encouragement to challenge women to live as God created them to be—Real.

When Foreigners Become Friends
Cindy Morris & Samera 

Samera, an Afghan refugee, shares her journey from Afghanistan to the United States as a refugee and putting her faith in Jesus Christ along the way. With the help of Christian brothers and sisters, she and her family were able to start a new life in the Memphis area and help those that are in a similar situation.

A Woman Sent by God
Carole Ward

Carole Ward’s journey and story began by stepping out in faith when she prayed to God with a sincere heart, “send me where no one wants to go.” As a result she now lives in Northern Uganda and South Sudan to impact these regions for the Kingdom of God over the last fourteen years. Watch her full testimony.

The Real World of Foster and Adoption
Christi Haag and the Greens

Hear from Jackie Green and her daughters on the importance of family, opening up your home and inviting children in who need love and care. Be moved as they share their own experiences in the world of Foster Care and adoption fueled by their desire to be obedient to God’s call.

The Lord and His Prayer
Diane Strack 

Hear the Lord’s Prayer in many different languages and listen to this encouraging message of salvation and God’s goodness.

God invites you into a relationship today!

Survivors of Abuse and Trafficking
Teresa J. Helm, Karen Morán

Teresa J. Helm shares her personal testimony of overcoming sexual abuse and trafficking as a child and young adult. Now, she is passionate about walking through the waves of trauma into healing with other victims through the ministry of One More Child, leveraging her own experience to help others with similar stories.

Female Bravery and God’s Mission
Jen Wilkin

Listen to Jen Wilkin as she shares a Bible story about the bravery of two Hebrew midwives. Motivated by their fear for God, Shiphrah and Puah saved thousands of lives by not following Pharaoh’s command to kill all male newborn babies. These women were brave enough to step into the gap for the vulnerable and we are called to do the same.

She Loves Out Loud Global
Full Recording

On November 5, 2022 the women of the world gathered to pray for She Loves Out Loud Global. Watch the full 3-hour recording of this powerful event and be called to action through the powerful testimonies and prayers that were offered!


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