Special Projects

Is there a specific area at One More Child that you are passionate about? Reach out to our volunteer coordinators to find out what opportunities may be available...


One More Child is looking for organized volunteers to help with clerical work. Clerical volunteer work could include helping the front desk staff with answering phones and greeting...

Family Market Attendant

We are looking for volunteers to work in the Family Market which provides food, clothing and household goods to the clients we serve at One More Child. Volunteers...

Homework Helpers & Tutors

Volunteers provide students with individualized assistance to help them learn new concepts and complete assignments. Spend an afternoon or several afternoons working with students assisting with homework, reading,...

Birthday Kits

Birthday Kits - We believe every child deserves a birthday party. But we realize not every family has the resources to make that possible. By building a Birthday...

Volunteer at the Compassion Center

We are looking for volunteers at our Compassion Centers which is a multi-purpose donation and distribution center providing life-changing resources for foster children, hungry children, trafficked children, single...

Everyone can join the mission to reach one more child.

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families. Volunteers provide an array of services to help meet this mission and the volunteer opportunities are numerous. Volunteers can be individuals or groups that wish to donate their time. All volunteers are integral in helping us meet the needs of children and families in need.

It’s simple, really. Love changes lives.

Group volunteers are members of church groups, clubs, teams and schools that work together in sharing God’s love by connecting with our ministry through service.

Some examples of group volunteer activities are:

  • Providing support for campus events, such as the Back-to-School Party and Christmas Open House
  • Helping beautify the campuses through grounds work like weeding, planting and trimming
  • Assisting with large group activities for the children such picnics, games and activities

Individual volunteers provide invaluable service and support by donating their time and talents. Some volunteers work in office and group settings on our campuses, while others receive additional training and work directly with the children.

Some examples of individual volunteer activities in an office or group setting are:

  • Providing clerical or computer support
  • Offering tutoring sessions
  • Teaching independent living and vocational skills

Some examples of individual volunteer activities for those working one-on-one with children are:

  • Mentoring and modeling the Christian lifestyle
  • Driving children to appointments and after-school activities
  • Becoming a visiting sponsor who spends time with an individual child

We love to see kids helping kids!

Here are the current youth guidelines:

  • Youth ages 14 and up are required to complete the volunteer application
  • Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering in all areas except at the Harold Clark Simmons Compassion Center
  • There must be one adult volunteer parent or guardian for every 10 youth volunteers under the age of 16

Thank you for your faithful and continued support!

If you are already an approved volunteer, you do not need to apply again. Please contact the volunteer coordinator in your area and let them know that you are interested in helping with a new opportunity.

Looking for global volunteer opportunities? Visit our full global mission trip calendar here.


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