Aura* was already researching abortion when she learned she was six months pregnant with not just one baby but two. She was going to have twins. Instead of abortion, Aura chose life.


At 29 years old, living in the United States thousands of miles away from her family in Guatemala, she had her hands full caring for her elementary and middle school-aged sons. When Aura’s boyfriend found out she was pregnant he left, and she was alone.

What many families would consider a blessing, Aura felt it was an overwhelming burden.


Researching an abortion is how Aura found First Life Center for Pregnancy. Aura hadn’t seen a doctor yet, so there was much unknown. When she first walked into the Center, she didn’t know about the twins. But when she walked into the pregnancy center, everyone was so nice. She was greeted by staff and volunteers, she met with a counselor, and the pregnancy center offered her an ultrasound.

That’s when Aura’s life really changed. That’s when she found out she was pregnant with her twins – both were girls. Aura, as she describes it, freaked out. She started crying. She thought, I cannot have twins. I cannot have these babies – I do not even have the father of these babies with me.

How could she take care of two more babies without any help?

What felt like an overwhelming burden before she walked through the Center’s front doors now felt impossible. What choice did she have?


Aura’s new counselor, Astrid, looked right at her and hugged her. Aura realized she wasn’t alone. Not really.

Astrid had been a Center volunteer for five years and helped many women like Aura. As they talked about her situation, they discussed the babies and the choices she could make.

Astrid told Aura about the value God places on human life. Astrid said choosing life is never about just one mom or her child or children. She told Aura that the choice she would make about her babies’ lives would change generations.

“The baby is a generation…and for families who need God in their lives, this can change generations,” Astrid said.

Aura believed her. And she chose life for her daughters.


She still wasn’t sure how she was ever going to be able to be a mom to not just her two boys, but to two more babies.

The only option Aura felt like she had was to put her baby girls up for adoption when they were born.

When she got home, Aura called her mom in Guatemala. She told her, “I can have the babies, so I’m going to have them and give them in adoption.”

And do you know what her mom said? “No, you’re not giving up your babies. Keep your babies with you, and you’re going to find a way to do something.”

At that moment, holding the phone in her hand, Aura remembered something else Astrid said. Astrid had said, “We can help you.”


Specifically, Aura remembered Astrid saying the Church could help her. The Church could give her diapers, wipes, and baby clothes, and whatever else Aura needed to have her babies.

It was then that Aura knew she could do it. She could have her babies and keep them. Because there was help for them all. The Center and the church would help them.

Aura wasn’t alone. She wasn’t overburdened. It wasn’t impossible.

Looking back, Aura recognizes the Center gave her more than hope in the midst of what felt like an impossible situation. They helped Aura see that not only was she supported, but that she was loved. And her babies would be loved.


Today, Aura is committed to following God, and she plans to dedicate her daughters at her church.Without the Center’s help and the resources they gave her family, Aura would not be able to support her babies. But it’s not just that. It is the family and the community of support that she feels like she has that has made a difference.


Two lives were safe from abortion, all thanks to partners like you. You can make a difference in the lives of worried mothers who are struggling and help them choose life. Get your church involved and donate materials today!

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