One More Child partners in Romania were making their way through their community delivering sponsorship food baskets when they got some unexpected news. Anamaria, a sponsored child through our global program, was no longer living at the address they had on file. With a phone call, they learned that the family had been kicked out of their home in the middle of winter by the farm owners they lived with and worked for. Another farm owner had taken them in, but they were recently asked to leave again.

With the current address in hand, our partners visited the family’s new home and listened to their story. Our partners encouraged Anamaria’s family to trust in the Lord, and the partners and family fervently prayed together about the hardship they were walking through.

Afterwards, our partners sought out the owner of the new farm, who initially held bitterness and animosity toward the family. However, after our partners prayed with him, he had a change of heart, and decided to take the path of repentance. The owner said most of his employees were believers, and he often heard them talking about God. Now he wanted to try believing himself.

God can use any situation for His glory! We are overjoyed to report that not only is Anamaria’s family safe, but they continue to receive monthly food baskets from our partners. The family is grateful for the physical, emotional, and spiritual support they’ve received.

One More Child is amazed by the transformation that occurred in the life of the farm owner, the impact that our partners’ prayers have had on the situation, and your generosity that enables us to provide support to families like Anamaria’s. We pray He continues to work in Anamaria’s family and in the life of the farm owner.


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