At One More Child


addressing the medical needs of children and is a beautiful way to show people the love of Christ.

We are seeking dental and individuals as possible.

Our goal is to serve the unique needs of each country and our medical mission work to more countries in the near future.

Check out the great opportunities we have in each country and details on our medical mission trips below:



Physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, dentist

These team members evaluate, diagnose and treat patients.

Triage Expert

Nurse, paramedic, EMT

These team members check/monitor vital signs, evaluate medical history and note chief complaints.

Medicine Administrator

Nurse, paramedic, EMT, individuals without medical experience

These team members administer and dispense medications prescribed by the provider.

Ministry Team Members

All other individuals

These team members offer prayer to patients, build community and after care.


The cost is identical to the rest of our mission trips, with an additional $1,000 required per team to cover the cost of medicine and medical supplies.

Trip Dates & Cost

How to Get Started

  • Prayerfully consider joining us on a medical/dental mission trip
  • See if there are any existing medical mission trips you would like to join, and share with us your interest in transforming that trip into a medical mission trip.
  • Recruit a team that fulfills the requirements listed above
  • Select a country and apply for your mission trip here
  • Contact One More Child staff to discuss trip details by calling us at 863-577-4488 or emailing us.
  • Develop a plan to raise $1,000 (estimated) to purchase medicine for your trip and receive donations toward that goal here
Apply for a Mission Trip

When Can I Serve?

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter!

If you have a physician and team, we would love for you to join us when it suits your schedule!

Visit our Calendar for a list of open dates and locations!

Upcoming Trips

Uniquely Purposed Medical Mission Work in Each Country


Participate in mobile clinics in communities where partner churches are working diligently to share the Gospel. You will provide general, pediatric, women’s health, central and families.


Working at our Malnutrition Center outside of Antigua you will help provide life-saving and are excited to provide more consistent dental care.

Dominican Republic

Our goal is to provide general, pediatric, women’s health, dental and educational needs. The care will be for those living in the recently built homes as well as the surrounding community.


At the Holmes Medical Clinic, built by One More Child, you will assist a physician’s assistant, two nurses and clinics serve people without access to transportation or healthcare.