“Hello, we are Pastor Mauro and Laura from Iglesia Bíblica Concesión in Costa Rica. We are so blessed to be able to partner with you – God is so good!

When we began sharing the Gospel in this community 15 years ago, it was not an easy start. When One More Child came along, they helped us be able to better reach the community. Offering feeding programs and such is an important part of the ministry we do as it helps us meet the physical needs of the community as well as the spiritual.

We have worked with many families in conflict, children, youth, single moms, and young adults. This work has only continued to increase, and we believe this comes from God. We are seeing the hand of God in all these programs, and the community feels the impact. Families are happy and children are safe – God is so good!

From us and our church team, THANK YOU, and may God keep blessing One More Child!”


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