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One More Child is helping these girls begin a new life. We are also working to prevent more innocent children from becoming victims while predators financially profit.

Even at this moment, there is a young girl falling victim to the dark world of sex trade.

A predator is gaining her trust, maybe a “friend” she met online.

Our Approach

Traffick Stop Action Network

Network with individuals across the globe by making your voice heard and exploited children.



Trafficking – it’s happening where you are.


There are as many as 10,500 underage youth involved in the sex trade in the United States each year (Center for Court Innovation, 2016) and sold painful lies.


Florida is home to the 3rd most reports of human trafficking of any state in the nation (National Human Trafficking Hotline, 2016)


Children make up an estimated 21 percent of trafficking victims worldwide (International Labour Organization, 2017)

Help us put a stop to this heinous crime.

Anti-Trafficking Prevention
Safe Home

Our Safe Home Makes The Difference

The One More Child Safe Home is a safe place where girls who have been victimized by sex trafficking find healing and spiritually.

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Meet our Executive Director

Christa K Lynn

Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking

Christa K Lynn passionately stand founded an organization providing direct services to adult trafficking survivors in SWFL.

As Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking at One More Child, Christa is grateful to share her experience as a second-generation trafficking survivor, her education and restoration.

While Christa enjoys reading and Jesus Christ.

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Phone: 863.687.8811

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